Tucker: Time-Share Salesmen Are More Trustworthy Than Kamala Harris

The long-awaited announcement of presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s running mate and the revelation that it is Kamala Harris has dominated the media and immersed Americans in days of sentimental slop. 

The pick of California’s junior senator fulfills Biden’s promise to Rep. James Clyburn and other activists that it would be a black woman despite a paltry field of truly qualified candidates with actual experience. 

But while the Democrat shills in the mainstream press are singing the praises of a woman who has been dubbed the “female Barack Obama” some have dared to point out that Harris is really an empty pantsuit and an untrustworthy one at that. 

Never at a loss for words, Fox’s Tucker Carlson once again hit the bullseye by skewering Team Biden’s pick:

“There are time-share salesmen you would trust more than Kamala Harris. You could find payday lenders who are more sincere.”

Carlson’s criticism of the former vice president’s veep cut through the B.S. like a hot knife through butter. 

According to Tucker:

Big news in the political world. Just hours ago, Joe Biden’s handlers announced they have selected Senator Kamala Harris of California to run as Biden’s vice president. We will admit, we did not see this coming. In fact, just last night on this show, we told you that Susan Rice was likely to get that job. Rice is a hardened partisan, but she’s not stupid. And more to the point, Rice has sincere beliefs, whether you like them or not, and we don’t.

But Kamala Harris is the opposite of that. Harris may be the single most transactional human being in America. There are time-share salesmen you would trust more than Kamala Harris. You could find payday lenders who are more sincere. So it seemed inconceivable that given his current state, Joe Biden would choose someone so transparently one-dimensional as Kamala Harris. Someone as empty as he is. It would be the first entirely hollow presidential ticket in American history, and we thought it could never happen. But it is; they’re doing it anyway. Biden-Harris, that’s what they are going with.

And the choice tells you a lot about the current state of the Democratic Party. America is still technically a democracy, yet neither Biden nor Harris has ever been popular with actual voters. This is Joe Biden’s third run for president. The first two attempts ended in embarrassing disasters. The third was headed at high speed in that direction, and then a series of unforeseen flukes and highly crowded primary field left Biden the last man in the race. He was clearly shocked by his own victory. On election night, the night he clinched the nomination in March, Biden was so rattled, he mistook his sister for his wife during the acceptance speech.

At the time, Joe Biden’s relative unpopularity seemed like a major problem for Democrats. This is politics, after all. The people who tend to have the most support tend to win. So, if you’re choosing a presidential nominee, you’d think you’d want someone with a built-in constituency, a base of passionate voters you could count on on election day. But as it turns out, that is the last thing leaders of the modern Democratic Party wanted. They already had a candidate like that, in fact, his name was Bernie Sanders. And they did everything they could to stop him.

No. What they wanted instead was someone they could control, and Joe Biden for that discretion perfectly. Biden was eager, malleable, and totally blank. He was willing to be whatever his handlers wanted him to be. Kamala Harris will be every bit as eager, and that’s the point. If Biden-Harris still doesn’t make sense to you as a ticket, it’s only because you’re not cynical enough. Harris clearly wasn’t picked for her personal charm. 

More than 30 years ago, she dated a man called Willie Brown, who was later the mayor of San Francisco. She was 29 years old at the time, Brown was 60 and still married. Brown launched Harris’ political career. He knows her very well. Last week, Brown publicly urged Joe Biden not to pick Kamala Harris as his running mate. But it turns out Willie Brown’s opinion no longer matters in the Democratic Party. Jeff Bezos’ opinion matters, so do the opinions of his fellow Bay Area tech titans and the finance moguls in New York. 

These are the people who bankroll the Democratic Party. They are the economic engine of the Left, and they love Kamala Harris. Not personally. It’s business. Their main interest is in keeping the government carve-outs that have made them rich. They know the last thing Kamala Harris will do is threaten any of those. Never, under any circumstances. One thing you can be certain of in a Biden-Harris administration, private equity barons will still pay half the tax rate you pay. That’s the real point.

Voters may not like Kamala Harris, but Wall Street does. Just in case you’re wondering who is actually in charge.

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