Tucker: The Left Doesn’t Really Want To Disband The Police, The Truth Is Much Scarier

Democrats are rushing to deny that they want to defund and dismantle the nation’s police forces now that the cat is out of the bag and their activist shock troops have issued their demands. 

The terrifying prospect that the growing power of the mob will be able to successfully force state and local governments into doing away with law enforcement is bad enough for law-abiding citizens but there is something far worse. 

Perhaps it is true that the Democrats don’t really want to do away with police but the devil is in the details and Tucker Carlson broke it all down in a Monday monologue on his popular Fox News show. 

According to Tucker: “Democrats hate the police because they don’t control the police” and warned of a “woke militia” that would serve as a “partisan law enforcement” arm of the anti-American, authoritarian political party.  

Democrats only want to dismantle the legitimate police and replace them with a force as fearsome as any that enforced the diktats of leaders in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Via the transcript:

Think about it for just a second. Democratic politicians control the police departments of virtually every big city in this country. Now, they’re telling you they want to get rid of those police departments. If they did, that would mean less power for themselves. So, right away, you know, there’s lying going on. Democrats do not relinquish power voluntarily, ever. Period. Republicans frequently do. Democrats never do. So, that’s the first thing to know.

Something obviously is going on here beneath the surface. This has to be an attempt to increase the power of the Democratic Party because every policy they push is always. And in fact, that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Democrats have no intention of abolishing the police. Listen carefully and you will hear them admit that. Instead, they want to replace the police — take the people who currently have badges, many of whom, by the way, voted for Donald Trump and swap them out for new people, people who hate Donald Trump and hate the people who voted for Donald Trump. That’s what’s actually happening here, and it makes sense.

Law enforcement is one of the very few institutions remaining in this country that the left has not yet controlled. Democrats hate the police because they don’t control the police. Very simple.

Remember 35 years ago when Democrats were constantly attacking the U.S. military? We don’t hear that anymore. Why is that? It’s very simple. The left took over the Pentagon. No reason to attack people you control, which they do. And they plan to do the same thing to your local police department.

Let’s be clear: What Democrats are proposing isn’t some form of radical libertarianism with the cops leaving citizens to police their own neighborhoods. No, it’s the opposite of that. What they’re proposing is a power grab.

Defund the police is a move toward authoritarian social control, cloaked in the language of identity politics. Already, in the middle of a total breakdown of law and order as we watch our cities burn, you are seeing new moves to prevent you from defending yourself and your family in the middle of it.

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