Tucker: It’s Time to Hold our Leaders Accountable (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson took to the airways on Friday night to tell Americans that it’s time to hold our nations leaders accountable. He’s exactly right!

Tucker started off the broadcast by comparing Afghanistan to Saigon. One of the worst disasters in American history and an embarrassment to our nation. We’re there again.

Last month Joe Biden said that we would never have a situation like Saigon again.

Tucker: “Last month Joe Biden promised we never will see it again.”

Biden was asked by a reporter last month of he saw any parallels of Saigon and Afghanistan.

Biden: “None what so ever, zero. What you had was entire brigades breaking through the gates of our embassy, six if I’m not mistaken. The Taliban is not the North Vietnamese army, they’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There can be no circumstance where you’re going to see people lifted off the roof from an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan, it’s not even comparable.”

Tucker then takes his time to say these Afghan troops were trained by General Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Tucker mocked him by saying “Milley trained them, so we’re good.”

Milley: “I want to emphasize repeatedly and I’ve said this before, A negative Taliban military takeover is not a foregone conclusion.”

Tucker: “At this point a military takeover by the Taliban is starting to look like a foregone conclusion. Taliban fighters now have control over the majority of the country including the second largest city tonight Kandahar. The Taliban now controls over 85% of the country, the government controls around 15%.”

Tucker continued picking Milley apart.

“Our Helicopters flew into the city just this afternoon, they’re not on the roof yet, but it’s early. The funny thing is Mark Milley didn’t seem to see any of this coming. His expertise as he explained to Congress is ‘White Rage.’ The Taliban by contrast are slightly tanner so they didn’t seem as dangerous as say the January 6 protest. You see the Taliban voted for Donald Trump, so naturally Milley underestimated them.”

Watch the full video below as Tucker picks apart everything truly happening in Afghanistan. It’s unbelievable.

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