Tucker Carlson ‘We Will Never Bow To The Mob, Ever’ (VIDEO)

As many of you know, the liberal radical activist arm of the Democrats Media Matters has been attacking Tucker Carlson for things he said over a decade ago.

Carlson took to his program tonight on Fox News and absolutely obliterated the left, and the conservatives who refuse to stand up to liberal hypocrisy.

“The lefts main goal if you haven’t noticed is controlling what you think.”

“These are the people that write our movies and write our sitcoms”, Carlson stated. “They’re not shocked by naughty words, they just pretend to be when it’s useful, and it’s been very useful for them lately.”

This was powerful and it sums up what our team and many others have been trying to tell you for quite sometime. This isn’t about anything other than total control and conformity. That’s what the left wants. No free thinkers allowed in America, just what they want you to see, heard, and say.

Tucker left us with some very powerful closing remarks.

“We’ve always apologized when we were wrong, and we will continue to do so. That’s what decent people do, they apologize. But we will NEVER bow to the mob, EVER! No Matter What!”

I concur Tucker, very well said.

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