Tucker Carlson Shows How CNN Is Manipulating The News For The Election

Democrats want Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News because he keeps telling his viewers the things that they, and their friends at CNN, do not want them to hear.

During a segment on his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he told his audience that CNN is manipulating people because they want former Vice President Joe Biden and California Sen. Kamala Harris to win in November,” Breitbart reported.

“If you watched the program last night, you saw Patricia and Mark McCloskey on stage. They are the St. Louis couple threatened in their home by an angry mob of Joe Biden voters earlier this summer. Unlike so many victims of left-wing threats, the McCloskeys decided to defend themselves,” he said.

“And for that, the media vilified them, denounced them as lunatics and racists,” the host said.

He said that what the McCloskeys learned is that Democrats want to invade suburban neighborhoods with low-income housing no matter how high priced the neighborhood may be.

If you chose to move your family to a safe, quiet neighborhood that does not have a high crime issue the Democrats, led by former Vice President Biden and his Fair Housing Initiative, are prepared to change that.

Low-income neighborhoods are generally crime-ridden and to move that next door to people who have worked hard to not have to live in that environment is abhorrent.

“In other words, you’ve worked your whole life to raise your kids in a safe place, but Democrats can make it dangerous overnight if they feel like it and they may,” Carlson said.

“But you should know that all of this only applies to middle-class neighborhoods. There aren’t going to be any Section 8 apartments built in Aspen or in Martha’s Vineyard. Oh no,” he said.

“Barack Obama loves the idea of moving poor people from the cities to the suburbs. He just doesn’t want it anywhere near him. Obama wants to live in the palest neighborhood he can find, and that’s exactly where he does live,” he said.

Carlson said that “CNN’s fact-checkers were adamant about this. The falseness of McCloskeys’ claims.

“And then nightfall came, and once again, the mob descended on Kenosha, Wisconsin, and we learned that the CNN panel was lying to us,” he said.


Carlson showed clips of the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the rioters attacking innocent people as CNN excused the riots as mostly peaceful.

He showed a video of how CNN had the word “violent” in their chyron to describe the protests and seconds later the word was gone.

“Do you see it disappear? It’s like one of those old Soviet photographs in the Stalin era. Oh, where is Bukharin? Oh, he was never there,” the host said.

“It’s a remarkably revealing clip. CNN accidentally committing journalism before the Dwarf King catches wind of it and shuts it down. Stop telling the truth,” he said.

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