Tucker Carlson, on his Fox News “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” referenced the Leftist’s actions in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday and said, “What would you call an event like this? There’s really no other word for it: it’s an insurrection. It is a planned uprising against our elected government. In fact, it is an attack on democracy itself, maybe the most organized attack since the Civil War and September 11.”

Carlson continued, “If you’ve been paying attention for the past year, eleven months to the day in fact, you probably assume our elected officials vehemently oppose this. They’re against insurrections. In fact, at this point, insurrections are the main thing they’re against. Their whole job is to oppose insurrection.”

But he said in this case, Democrats apparently are comfortable with an “insurrection.” He cited a comment from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “top bodyguard, William J. Walker, the House Sergeant at Arms,” who said it was a “first amendment demonstration.”

That, Carlson suggested, “sounds a lot like the government’s initial response to the rally in January, when conservatives descended on the city.”

He commented: “Pursuant to National Park Service Permit 21.0278, the DHS expected about 20,000 people to attend the event at the Ellipse, just south of the White House. All of these people, the DHS bulletin made clear , had a constitutional right to be there. They also had a right to leave the Ellipse and go wherever they wanted because it was, at the time anyway, their country. ‘It is expected,’ the memo said, ‘that a portion of this group will march to the U.S. Capitol.’ And they did, and it was hardly a surprise when they did.”

But Carlson noted that suddenly, it’s a crime to have a “First Amendment demonstration,” and it all depends on the participants’ presidential votes. It appears that leftists protesting is doing just that, conservatives protesting is an “insurrection.”

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), “already knows perfectly what happened on January 6. He and the rest of the committee are sitting on thousands of hours of videotape they refuse to release to the public. So, fact finding is hardly the point of the mission here. The point, very clearly and ever more clearly with each passing day, is to criminalize political dissent,” Carlson said.

“Now that’s a strong claim and if you doubt that, watch Bennie Thompson explain how he plans to handle a former Trump official the committee has subpoenaed. The man in question has not been charged or even accused of a crime. He was not inside the Capitol building on January 6th. Yet, here’s Bennie Thompson warning that if this man dares to use his Fifth Amendment right, not to incriminate himself, then he is, by definition, guilty of a crime,” Carlson explained.

Thompson, in fact, said, “Our charge is to get to the facts. Mr. Clark, through his attorney, has been deliberately avoiding us, … Obviously, he is aware that something went on that is illegal. And rather than be responsible and answer, he is pleading the Fifth. But if he is saying, okay, I’ll come but I’ll plead the Fifth, then in some instances that says you are part and parcel, guilty to what occurred.”

Carlson warned of where the Democrats are taking the nation: “You don’t have to love Donald Trump to find this sickening and scary. Do you really want to live in a country where Nancy Pelosi and Bennie Thompson, crazed partisans with no interest in the United States Constitution, can seize your bank records, your text messages, your diary, simply because they don’t like who you voted for in the last election? Most Americans don’t want to live in a country like that. A country like that is Haiti. But suddenly its’s America.” 

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