Tucker Carlson Gives Bold Prediction About the 2020 Presidential Race

During his Friday night primetime show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened up about his thoughts on the 2020 presidential matchup between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Carlson stated that at the moment, President Trump “seems likely to win reelection” for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic started.

“The United States has flaws, but it’s also, as the president reminded us last night, the most free, just and exceptional nation on Earth,” Carlson said.

“In our country free speech is allowed, violence is not allowed,” Carlson said. “What separates American democracy from Taliban theocracy, for example, is that in America people can disagree with one another and disagree with the government without fearing for their lives. This used to be obvious. It was the foundation of our civic life.”

“And all of a sudden Joe Biden could never say this out loud,” he added. “His voters have destroyed cities across the country and murdered dozens of Americans. He must stay silent about that, but Donald Trump doesn’t have to. So, he said it, and as a result, for the first time since the Wuhan coronavirus arrived here, the president seems likely to win reelection.”

He went on to say that Democrats even know this to be true because they “can smell something has changed” as most Americans “hate the violence they have unleashed.”

“Last night as the president spoke, a group of Biden voters gathered outside the White House to threaten and intimidate anyone who dared support Donald Trump,” Carlson said. “They waited to ambush attendees. The mayor of Washington, an incompetent hack called Muriel Bowser, made all of this possible. Bowser has been on the mob’s side since the first day. She allowed the mob to harass and terrify elderly taxpayers as they walked on city streets they pay for.”

The Fox News host then played multiple video clips of RNC attendees being mobbed by left-wing extremists as they left the White House.

“This isn’t happening by accident,” he said. “It didn’t happen five years ago. It’s happening now not because police are more brutal or more unarmed African American men are being killed by the police. That’s not happening. It’s a total hoax. It’s happening because the leadership of the Democratic Party are encouraging it and have been for quite some time.”


During the same show, Kelley Paul, Republican Senator Rand Paul’s wife, explained the events that unfolded after the RNC where her and her husband were attacked by radical left-wing extremists.

At one point, Kelley Paul described the incident as the “most terrifying moment” of her life.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” she said to Carlson. “I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I hope no one else ever has to. We felt completely powerless. Before some of the video that I think you have shown where the police with the bikes were kind of creating a moving barricade for us, in the minutes before the police with the bikes showed up, we were completely encircled and surrounded. Pressed up against two cops who we were surrounded by people who were screaming in our faces, yelling that they were going to ‘f us up,’ screaming ‘say her name.’”


“At first I was trying to look in their eyes and trying to have any kind of reason or to see someone as a human being and I realized they did not see us as human beings,” she added. “We were Trump supporters so they absolutely despised us.”

Kelley Paul continued by expressing that she knows the two sides “could have had agreement” on multiple issues considering her husband has a large “background on criminal justice reform.”

“But in that moment it was just like this bloodthirsty mob,” she said. “I really thought that we were going to lose our lives. I thought someone was going to throw a brick. It was the most terrifying moment of my entire life.”

Carlson then asked her what she thinks about how the media labels this hateful mob as a “peaceful protest.”

“I am furious,” she said. “I’m furious that Biden and Kamala Harris are not denouncing this. You tell me if you are surrounded by a mob, that will not let you move, that is screaming in your face, that is holding you completely hostage, and you cannot walk to your hotel and you are on a dark street, you tell me that’s not violence. You tell me that is not an attack.”

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Again I state ‘ The only way to cure the rabies is to euthanize the carrier.

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Your writing is exceptional.

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Truth be told THIS Should BE THE Dems Theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDl3bdE3YQA