Tucker: ABC News Appears to Edit Portions That Made Biden Look ‘Unpresidential’

Tucker Carlson has been hammering the facts this year, and now he’s on the attack of ABC News editing footage to keep Joe Biden from looking “unpresidential.”

“So the Intel Agencies never said the Taliban would sweep into Kabul, that’s what Joe Biden claimed, do you believe him? You probably don’t. The intel world may be partisan and deceitful, it certainly is, but we’re betting they’re not completely stupid. Obviously they knew the Afghan government could collapse. They must have Joe Biden that or at least the people around Joe Biden. Can we prove that they told him? No we can’t, and that’s the beauty of using the intelligence agencies for cover. You get to make any claim you want to make and no one can prove you’re lying, because the truth is HIGHLY CLASSIFIED.”

Tucker Continued…

“Maybe you’re starting to understand why nobody defunds the CIA, they’re too useful.”

Tucker them brings up that Biden is smarter than Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is not as clever. A smarter man might have couched his lies for plausible deniability down the road, but unfortunately Mark Milley is not that man. So here’s what he claimed this week in public.”

Milley: “There was nothing that I or that anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army or this government in eleven days.”

Tucker: “That was totally unequivocal.”

Then Tucker turned his attention to ABC News. Where they provided a transcript that no one has ever heard the tape of.

Stephanopoulos: “I– I think a lot of — a lot of Americans, and a I– even a lot of veterans who served in Afghanistan agree with you on the big, strategic picture…”

Stephanopoulos: “They believe we had to get out. But I wonder how you respond to an Army Special Forces officer, Javier McKay (PH). He did seven tours. He was shot twice. He agrees with you. He says ‘We have to cut our losses in Afghanistan.’ But he adds, ‘I just wish we could’ve left with honor.'”

Biden: “Look, that’s like asking’ my deceased son Beau, who spent six months in Kosovo and a year in Iraq as a Navy captain and then major– I mean, as an Army major.”

Biden: “And, you know, I’m sure h– he had regrets comin’ out of Against– I mean, out of Iraq. He had regrets to what’s– how– how it’s going. But the idea– what’s the alternative?”

Tucker: “Now we’re waiting for the tape of that transcript. Now the President’s son was in the Navy not the Army, he was in the Army not the Navy. It’s not clear from that, we believe he was in the Army and not the Navy. He did not serve in Afghanistan, he served in Kosovo and Iraq. Joe Biden can’t seem to remember those details. We’re not attacking him, we’re not telling you this with glee, we’re telling you this because its’ true. This is the man leading our country.”

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