Tuberville SLAMS Democrats Wasting Millions on Impeachment Sham

Newly elected Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is firing shots at the Democrats this weekend over millions spent on yet a second impeachment.

In a video on Wednesday, Tuberville said that Trump’s first impeachment amounted to more than “$3 million dollars over three months” from the American taxpayers.

Tuberville then argued that the Democrats’ second impeachment sham is wasting millions more in tax payer dollars while many Americans that are struggling to make ends meet, according to the video.

“Not only does this trial set a dangerous precedent by impeaching a private citizen, but it is also costing the American taxpayers money when we all know what the result will be in the end,” Tuberville said in the video.

Tuberville in his video stated he’s now voted twice that the impeachment of Donald J. Trump is unconstitutional. He’s right by the way.

“I want to know how the Democrats can justify spending millions of dollars on an unconstitutional trial when Americans are out of work and our economy just took a hard, huge, hard hit,” he said in the video.

“Impeachment isn’t going to reopen our economy, make sure kids get to school or pay bills for a million of Alabamians out of jobs.”


“Congress needs to get to work and stop with this kangaroo court,” Tuberville said during the video. 

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