TSA Continues to Let Illegal Aliens Board Airlines With Arrest Warrants as Proof of ID (VIDEO)

The United States has struggled of late as to what we think is a justifiable reason to show an ID. Democrats think it’s racist to require an ID to vote. It seems to me that if a person is too lazy or stupid to figure out to get an ID, maybe that person probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but I’m a little old-fashioned, I guess.

But it does take an ID to buy booze, tobacco, to drive, buy Sudafed, pick-up prescription drugs, or buy a gun, to name a few reasons. Democrats have no problem with those. If they could, they would require at least 20 forms of ID to purchase a gun. Well, an ID to fly would seem to be a no-brainer after 911.

You need to check this out. The Biden administration may be doing this in an airport near you. Law Enforcement Today says: For anyone who has been eyeballed, patted down, had remove your belt and shoes, half-way gets undressed, etc. at one of America’s airports, the following is probably enough to make your blood boil in infuriation.

Town Hall reported, “This comes about as we learn that a number of illegals released by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) have been allowed to use copies of their arrest warrants as proof of identification to board aircraft.”

Most of us have had to be poked, prodded, scanned, patted down and half undressed jut to hop on a 3-hour flight to the beach, while illegals with arrest warrants and no ID, just paperwork saying they are criminals, are just cruising on by with no ID. How is this ok?

Only in Joe Biden’s America which is shameful and terrifying. Enough so that this got the attention of Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), who grilled the head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) during a Senate hearing this past week.

David Pekoske, TSA Administrator testified that it was under 1,000 illegals who had used either arrest warrants or deportation orders to travel on U.S. airlines, neither document of which contains photo identification as the rest of U.S. flyers have been required to present in order to fly.

A TSA spokesperson told Fox News in a statement, “For non-citizens and non-U.S. nationals who do not otherwise have acceptable forms of ID for presentation at security checkpoints, TSA may also accept certain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued forms, including Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) Form I-200 (Warrant for Arrest of an Alien).”

Once again, the America Last policies of the Biden administration rear their heads. American citizens, potentially exposed to sitting next to undocumented criminal aliens, all on the government dime.

America, this is not ok. Don’t we still have buses? How about a Greyhound ticket rather than an airline flight? Or even better than that, how about strengthening our borders and at least attempting to stem the flow of illegals coming into America.

No Way. That would mean fewer potential voters for the Democrats.

If this infuriates you, it should. We Americans should be able to trust our government to look out for our safety and our best interest. 

Clearly, they don’t. Check out this video on it below:

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