Truth Social Now Available in Samsung Galaxy App Store is Major Win for Trump’s Social Media Platform

It looks like the figureheads over at Truth Social have bypassed the tyrants and censorship clowns over at Google and struck a deal with Samsung directly.

Samsung has added President Trump’s Truth Social to it’s Galaxy App Store, with Trump Media and Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes stressing that the social media platform is the only one preventing Big Tech from “extinguishing free speech” in the United States.

With all due respect Mr. Nunes, GETTR is a far larger and more developed platform lead by former Trump top adviser Jason Miller, and it’s been kicking ass since July 4, 2021 as well with over 6 million members and growing rapidly. No offense to Truth Social, but we will always tell you the truth and both platforms are equally helping to keep free speech alive in America.

Truth Social became available to Samsung users in the Galaxy Store Tuesday.

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“Samsung has been great — they’re very easy to work with, and they don’t care about politics,” TMTG CEO Devin Nunes told FOX Business Tuesday. “They just want to conduct their business, get it done, and move on.”

TMTG began the submission process to enter the Samsung Galaxy Store in late September. It took less than two weeks from the initial submission date to the date the platform became available to users.

Truth Social has been available since February 21 of this year, but has been facing an uphill battle as Google refuses to allow it in their App Store, which controls a large portion of app accounts. Apple is the largest, and Truth Social is readily available in the Apple App Store.

“We continue to have an open and productive dialogue with Google, and hope that Android users will soon be able to download Truth Social from the Play Store,” Nunes told Fox Business.

According to Fox Business, Google told them they are having a productive and ongoing conversation with TMTG regarding Truth Social’s possible addition to the Google Play Store.

“Truth Social, along with Rumble’s unparalleled cloud infrastructure, is the only social media platform preventing Big Tech from extinguishing free speech in the United States,” Nunes said. “Unfortunately, the impetus to suppress dissenting points of view is growing seemingly everywhere — in the media, Big Tech, academia, and other crucial sectors — so the importance of free-speech platforms will continue to grow as well.”

Trump Media & Technology Group first launched last October. The company said last month that the partner has agreements for $1 billion in capital from institutional investors.

Thanks to our friends at Fox Business for contributing to this article.

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