Trump’s Super Tuesday Results Should Scare The Living Hell Out Of Democrats

While Bernie & Biden stole the spotlight on Super Tuesday, it is PRESIDENT TRUMP’S vote totals that we should really be paying attention to.

Since President Trump is the incumbent this year, he already has a huge advantage. However, when compared to his primary results against Obama’s incumbent re-election year, the numbers are jaw-dropping.

Check out these shocking numbers that should scare the living hell out of every Democrat in America:

If the tweet above doesn’t load, here is the text version:

Trump 2020 vs. Obama 2012 primary results: 

(Numbers on the left are Trump, numbers on the right are Obama)

New Hampshire: 129,696 / 49,080 

Oklahoma: 273,562 / 64,389 

Massachusetts: 207,495 / 127,909 

Tennessee: 324,119 / 80,705

Vermont: 33,863 / 40,247 

Alabama: 690,381 / 241,167 

Texas: 1,584,661 / 520,410 (w/ 66% in) 

North Carolina: 704,328 / 766,077 (w/ 69% in)

Trump is absolutely trouncing Obama’s 2012 numbers, which paints a very clear picture of the energy behind Trump in the 2020 election.

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