Trump Warns Iran on Making Threats Towards America ‘Be Careful with Threats Iran’

The Iranian Regime issued a new threat on Wednesday saying that they will make “any amount we want” in regards to enriched uranium. President Trump was quick to respond to the hostility.

The President and his administration have been going back and forth with Tehran in the last month amid growing tensions in the region.

Iran shot down a U.S. drone, and also attacked a non military ship in the region. The United States put harsh new sanctions stifling the Iranian economy, and the President called off an attack at the last minute stating it would kill over 150 Iranians in the attack.

“Iran has just issued a New Warning. Rouhani says that they will Enrich Uranium to “any amount we want” if there is no new Nuclear Deal. Be careful with the threats, Iran. They can come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before!”

What do you think about how the President is handling the Iranian regime?

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