President Donald Trump on Sunday said travelers from countries at high risk of coronavirus would be screened before boarding and again upon arrival in the U.S.

This comes after the report of the first death from the coronavirus in the United States.   Officials from Washington state on Saturday said a man in his 50’s with underlying conditions had died, and two of three confirmed coronavirus cases in the state had links to a long-term care facility in the city of Kirkland.

Trump underscored efforts to prevent a further spread, amid growing criticism from Democrats about the administration’s handling of the crisis.

Vice President Mike Pence, whom Trump appointed last week to run the White House’s coronavirus response, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Americans should brace for more cases, but that the “vast majority” of those who contracted the disease would recover.

“Other than in areas where there are individuals that have been infected with the coronavirus, people need to understand that for the average American, the risk does remain low. We’re ready,” Pence said told NBC.

For additional information you can visit our friends at Reuters.

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