Trump Takes Cheap Shot at DeSantis During Pennsylvania Rally in Stunning Move [VIDEO INSIDE]

A stunning move tonight at a rally in Pennsylvania for U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Oz and Pennsylvania Gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano as the 45th President of the United States took a cheap shot at the other Goliath in the conservative and MAGA movement.

That’s right, for whatever reason Trump or whoever is advising him took a cheap shot at the most popular governor in America, Florida’s Ron DeSantis. Conservatives on social media aren’t too happy about it either as the two Alpha’s with big egos may actually collide.

It’s a strange move considering DeSantis is an ally, he’s in Florida a state that Republicans must win and control if they want to even remotely have a shot at the White House in 2024, and a move a week before Trump is expected to announce he’s running for President on November 14. None of this makes any sense.

Trump was reading off a list on the jumbo iron at his rally of the approval rating for 2024 Presidential race among Republicans, and he read off the following..

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“Trump at 71, Ron DeSantcimonious at 10%, Mike Pence at 7%, Oh Mike’s doing better than I thought..”

There was absolutely no need for this folks, and a few days before DeSantis is up for re-election in Florida. DeSantis is an friend of MAGA, puts America First, and this was just childish, and foolish. This won’t be walked back with a cute nickname.

Check out the remarks from high profile conservatives below and their take on Trump’s remarks.

Matt Walsh said, “DeSantis is an extremely effective conservative governor who has had real policy wins and real cultural wins. Trump isn’t going to be able to take this one down with a dumb nickname. He better have more than that up his sleeve.

Election Wizard said, “Trump missed the mark with the quip about DeSantis tonight. It’s four days before the Midterm; the Governor is facing re-election and is a MAGA ally. No need for friendly fire. Keep the guns targeted on the Left.

All in all, it seems an unnecessary move from a party that has momentum to level a blow to the Democrat Party on Tuesday, and it seems nonsensical if you will. Rumors were swirling that McConnell and McCarthy were rumored to have met with DeSantis and donors about possibly running against Trump in 2024, which is completely untrue and unproven.

That seems to be the problem with Conservative and Mainstream Media, everyone’s dealing in rumors and not facts anymore. Anyone with a functioning brain knows that Trump will literally wreck anyone that runs against him in the primaries. When we say wreck, we mean ruin their political careers for good. DeSantis is smart, he’s not going to run against Donald J. Trump. Anyone trying to tell you that is trying to tear the conservative and MAGA movement apart, and they are no friend to you, or anyone who loves America.

What’s your take America, please comment below.

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