Trump Stops at CDC in Atlanta Unexpectedly to Discuss CoronaVirus with Doctors (VIDEO)

President Trump made an unexpected stop at the CDC in Atlanta late Friday afternoon that was cancelled the prior day due to a CoronaVirus scare.

One of the scientists at the CDC was said to have possibly contracted the CoronaVirus, but it turned out negative after testing, which cancelled the President’s trip to the CDC on Thursday.

Before traveling to Tennessee to inspect storm damage after tornadoes wreaked havoc and left 24 people dead this week, Trump told reporters he wanted to keep the CDC visit on his Friday schedule. 

“I would prefer going…now that the test came out negative,” he told reporters at the White House. “They’re trying to work it out that I do go.”

“First I want to thank you, for your decisive leadership … I also want to thank you for coming here today. I think that’s the most important thing I want to say” –CDC Director Redfield

The CDC is expected ship 1.1 million tests by Saturday, according to Stephen Hahn, commissioner of Food and Drug Administration. Pence told reporters at a press briefing Friday evening that tests will be widely available in a “matter of weeks, not months.”

The President, along with CDC Director Dr. Feldman and other doctors discuss the CoronaVirus in the press conference below.

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