Trump Still Beating 2020 Election Fraud Drum Just 14 Days Until 2022 Midterms Where Republicans Have Chance to Flip House/Senate if they SHOW UP

President Trump again stated the obvious on Saturday night in his Save America Rally in Robstown, Texas saying, “The only thing they don’t want to investigate, was the corruption that took place in that election which was massive, and the facts are all there. We have so many for every single state. You take a look. And most of the people in this audience know it.

“And these people back there don’t want to cover it and that’s the problem that we have with our country right now. Because the fake news will not even talk about it. And if you talk about it and you’re an anchor like Lou Dobbs, who’s great. If you’re an anchor and you know it’s right and you talk about it , you lose your job and get fired. It’s a disgrace,” the former president said.

Millions of Americans believe that President Trump is right. As if they are being told what to do, the media cowards are all in line and they won’t say a word about the corrupt 2020 election. Every day we find out more and more about the corruption in the 2020 election and in the U.S. election system, but no one in the media will say anything. They are cowards and are afraid of losing their jobs.

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The media is no longer the purveyors of current events. The U.S. media is now being run by the Deep State intelligence operations that have been taken over by far left – communists. It’s obvious. 

If the media was fair and balanced, everyone in the country would know that the 2020 election was uncertifiable, because of the massive corruption leading to corrupt results. Again, millions of Americans believe that there is more than enough information to make this case.

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