Trump Says September 18 Rally in Washington, D.C. is a ‘SETUP’

Former President Donald J. Trump sat down on Thursday evening with the Federalist and gave the same warning that several influencers including our own Matt Couch gave about the upcoming September 18 rally in Washington, D.C. The 45th President says it’s a “Setup.”

Couch had been firing shots for over a week telling conservatives to stay away from Washington, D.C. and on Thursday the 45th President echoed those sentiments of Couch publicly.

The 45th President characterized the planned September 18 rally at the U.S. Capitol as a “setup” meant to denigrate Republican voters regardless of what transpires.

“On Saturday, that’s a setup,” Trump said, referring to the rally. “If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”

The former President said if he knew what he knew now about what was going to transpire in 2020, the would have made different personnel choices.

“Well, you’d always do things differently,” he said. “I would’ve used different people in some cases. There are some people I would not have used who I didn’t think were very good, and that’s because I wasn’t a Washington person. I know everybody now.”

“Milley’s a television general, and he’s not very good at it,” Trump said, referring to Mark Milley who was recently revealed to have held secret conversations with communist China in which he promised to give them advanced notice of American battle plans against the communist behemoth. “He’s been a disaster for the current administration. He got weak-kneed.”

Trump said, however, that Milley is not indicative of all generals in the military.

“We have great generals,” he said, and noted that most people have never heard of them because they don’t spend all their time on television like Milley. “We took out ISIS, Soleimani, al-Baghdadi, and we did a lot of great work.”

You can read the full interview from The Federalist HERE.

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