Trump Returns To Campaign Trail With Epic Battleground State Rally

President Trump made a triumphant return to the campaign trail on Monday when he spoke before an adoring crowd of supporters in the critical battleground state of Florida. 

In his latest visit to the Sunshine State, the leader of the free world delivered the goods during his stop in Sanford which is near vote-rich Orlando and a part of the I-4 Corridor that will be key to determining who gets the state’s jackpot of electoral votes.

During his speech, Trump hit all the usual targets, mixed in some master level trolling of the media with his joke that he’d “kiss everyone in the audience” and to top it off, the energetic POTUS even boogied to the Village People classic YMCA. 

Trump’s Florida visit comes less than two weeks after he was hospitalized after being diagnosed with COVID-19, an illness that he kicked and dashed the hopes of the left that he would succumb to the virus. 

It was his first rally after recovery. 

The media was left sputtering in rage, cattily sniping that the rally was a “superspreader” event although Black Lives Matter “peaceful” protests and ANTIFA riots don’t qualify for the designation. 

Via The Orlando Sentinel, “‘I feel so powerful,’ President Trump declares at Sanford airport rally”:

Thousands of people packed closely together cheered and chanted “We love you!” as President Donald Trump flew into Central Florida on Monday night to hold his first campaign rally outside Washington since his coronavirus diagnosis 11 days ago.

“It’s great to be back in my home state of Florida,” Trump declared during his hourlong speech. “We’ve all endured a lot together, and we are doing better by far than in 2016. We are going to have an even greater victory than we did four years ago.”

The mostly maskless crowd erupted with applause when Trump took the podium on the tarmac at Orlando Sanford International Airport, with Air Force One parked nearby. Many had waited four or more hours for the event to begin.

Trump declared the election between himself and Joe Biden “the most important in American history” and attacked Biden for what he said would be a “draconian, scientific top-down” way of combating COVID-19.

“If you don’t feel good about” going out amid the pandemic, then “stay,” Trump said. “If you want to get out there, get out there.”

Trump, whose voice sounded raspy at times, told the audience he was fully recovered from the virus.

“I feel so powerful,” Trump said. “I’ll walk in there and kiss everyone in the audience. I’ll kiss the guys; I’ll kiss the beautiful women.”

Also in attendance was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis whose handling of the virus which has been remarkable only earned him the hatred of the media that showered him with dishonest propaganda while lionizing New York’s Andrew Cuomo whose order to send virus victims to nursing homes was a death sentence to thousands of elderly people. 

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