WATCH: Trump Releases Damning Video on Biden Called “Worse Than Saigon”

The Trump campaign released a video this week entitled “Worse than Saigon” in response to the Biden administrations horrific handling of the withdraw in Afghanistan.

In the video you can see the comparisons and how Afghanistan is worse than Saigon. An embarrassment to the American people and our military. 13 Marines killed after horrific strategy to put all of our troops in once place so the Taliban and ISIS knew where they would have to be.

The video is very graphic, it even shows Afghani’s falling from a C-17 plane taking off from Kabul International Airport.

You can watch the full damning video below.

What are your thoughts America, do you agree with Trump?

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Richard Branam
Richard Branam
1 year ago

What’s happening here at the commission of Beijing biden is a sham, shame, and an international embarrassment, he’s leaving American children behind, and we see no evidence of American’s landing at any airports on any news outlets. Is this all a lie? And the evidence of the Taliban showcasing their victory in parades, and the cash, and Beijng biden treating them like another government? And offering them further financial assistance, is insanity. And there’s been scanty reports that there’s trillion’s of barrels of oil, and a pipeline being built in eastern Europe, towards Afghanistan.