Trump Raises $15 Million in California in One Day!

The Democrats are worried and they should be.

In one day President Trump raises $15 million dollars in the most liberal state in America, California.

California’s energy for a resurgence to the Reagan glory days is growing. The Democrats should be very concerned, the money that Trump is raising there has passion and energy behind it.

California has long been an ATM for politicians of both parties. But even so, Trump’s haul this week is expected to be eye-popping. At Tuesday’s secretive Portola Valley luncheon, where ticket prices ranged from $1,000 to $100,000 and attendees were whisked to an undisclosed luncheon by shuttle, Trump raked in $3 million. Later that night, at a Beverly Hills soiree hosted by billionaire developer and longtime Trump supporter Geoffrey Palmer, the president added another $4 million to his tally. On Wednesday, he’s expected to bring the trip’s grand total to $15 million with a Los Angeles breakfast and San Diego luncheon.

If you want to realize just how much $15 million in a single state, in a single day is let’s compare. Kamala Harris only raised $11.8 million in the entire second quarter.

Is this a sign of California is losing its grip on blue Congressional seats?

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