Trump Nominated Again for Nobel Peace Prize, Will He Win?

There is no question that, regardless of what anyone may think of his presidency, Donald Trump’s foreign policy accomplishments were exemplary and second-to-none in the modern era.

In addition to keeping America out of new wars, he managed to reduce our military footprint in places we should have pulled out of more than a decade ago.

Oh, and in his spare time, the former president’s team also managed to secure a series of historic peace deals in very troubled parts of the world that literally no president before him has managed to even come close to matching.

And while Trump got virtually zero credit for those accomplishments from the lamestream lapdog media and the Democratic Party, some European lawmakers realize what achievements they were and how they are likely world-changing.

The former president has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes for each of those historic deals, and he’s just been nominated again.

Euro News has more:

An Estonian MEP has nominated former US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jaak Madison, a member of the right-wing populist EKRE party, said on Facebook that Trump had contributed to ensuring stability in the Middle East.

n 2020, Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to a historic deal normalizing of relations.

“Donald Trump is the first president of the United States in the last thirty years, whose office the country has not started any war,” the MEP stated on Facebook, citing his nomination application.

“In addition, several peace agreements have been made under his leadership in the Middle East, which has helped ensure stability in the region and peace.”

“I’m definitely not the only one who nominated this candidate, but as we know, the more applicants, the more likely success is,” he added. “Let’s see who gets the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Meanwhile, left-wing Georgia ‘voting rights advocate’ Stacey Abrams has also been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, because she’s the second coming of Martin Luther King or something.

The fact is, Trump is deserving of this prize because his administration literally brought together factions that have opposed or actually warred against each other for decades, and in parts of the world where no one thought peace possible — let alone peace made by such a ‘buffoon’ and a ‘cretin’ like him.

But because these Nobels have become so politicized (and not in favor of the ex-president’s party or worldview) they are practically meaningless at this point.

Don’t believe that? Well, recall that former President Barack Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize simply for the notion of wanting peace.

“It is true, Obama did not do much before winning,” Geir Lundestad, 74, a member of Norway’s Nobel Committee until 2014, told The New York Post in 2019. “But he represented the ideals of the committee. And when we have an American president who supports that message, we like to strengthen him.”

Obama also went on to perpetuate the two wars he inherited — in actually, he expanded them. Oh, and Trump defeated ISIS.

Will 45 ever get a Nobel though? No, and why Lundestad doesn’t think so is telling.

“I would be extremely surprised if Donald Trump ever received the Nobel Peace Prize. He may say he wants to bring peace to the Middle East or the Korean Peninsula, but he has not accomplished anything,” he added — before Trump got four peace deals signed during his term.

Here’s the kicker: “And his policies do not fall into line with the ideas of liberal internationalism,” Lundestad added.

So the ‘peace’ prize really isn’t about “peace” after all. It’s about ideology.

Got it.

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