Trump is Still Leader of the Republican Party Frank Luntz Avows

On Sunday, pollster Frank Luntz told Fox new host Howard Kurtz that the hearings held by the January 6 Select Committee were not swaying voters against former President Donald Trump.  

Luntz told the “Media Buzz” host, “This has simply not risen to the importance the Democrats thought it would and it’s not doing the damage to the Republican Party that the Democrats thought it would, but the former President Donald Trump was being damaged by the hearing.”

Kurtz pointed out the one-sided nature of the hearings from which Luntz commented, “You should have had counter-testimony, you should have had people challenging those witnesses. But the conclusion that some people have come to is that this is simply the third attempt to impeach Donald Trump.”

Luntz added, “Other issues, like inflation, crime and border security were more pressing concerns for voters.”

Republicans boycotted the committee after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to allow Republicans Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana to serve on the panel. Instead, Pelosi appointed Republican Representatives Liz Cheney (WY) and Adam Kinzinger (IL) to be on the Committee. Both are RINO’s and outspoken critics of Trump.

Before asking Luntz why Republicans were not opposing Trump, Kurtz stated, “A lot of people don’t believe the press when it comes to the truth because they think the press is so anti-Trump, and there is ample evidence of that.”

Luntz responded, “Donald Trump is still the most popular person with the Republican Party. When he endorses, it matters. It’s worth a 5-10% bounce. He’s no longer the controller, he is no longer the emperor, he doesn’t have that much control, but, more than any other Republican alive, and that’s why these opinions aren’t changing and that’s why these hearings aren’t having an impact the Democrats thought it would.”

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Greg Frech
Greg Frech
5 months ago

Leftist are dreaming if they think DJT is somehow lessened because of the leftist J6 kangaroo court. Pfffft.