A federal ethics complaint was filed on Monday against a Democrat member of Congress for concealing his wife’s $1.5 million payoff from a Colorado company, and it hits his wife too, as she is Joe Biden’s nominee to the Federal Reserve.

A report by Fox Business reported American Accountability Foundation, a watchdog organization, filed the complaint against Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a House impeachment manager against former President Donald Trump, over the money paid to his wife, Sarah Bloom Raskin.

The congressman allegedly violated the requirements that force members of Congress to reveal financial windfalls within a certain period of time.

His wife, Bloom Raskin got the massive payout from Reserve Trust, for which she previously worked.
It happened at the end of 2020, but her sale of nearly 196,000 shares wasn’t reported until August of 2021, even though the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act from 2012 requires that those details be reported within 45 days.

“Sarah and Jamie Raskin are career politicians who have used the system to enrich themselves, and it is time that someone holds them accountable,” Tom Jones, the founder of the American Accountability Foundation, told Fox Business. “If House rules are going to mean anything, the House Ethics Committee needs to open an investigation and sanction Jamie Raskin for hiding this shady stock deal from the public.”

The Raskins, about that time were dealing with the death of their son, Thomas, and Raskin told Business Insider that the late filing happened “because” of their loss.

But the report pointed out that Raskin also was a key leader of the second of two failed impeach-and-remove schemes that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched against President Trump.

The report said, “While the complaint from the American Accountability Foundation conceded that the Raskins’ had lost their son during that time period and should be ‘afforded some latitude in meeting filing requirements,’ it noted that the congressman quickly returned to his official duties in leading the impeachment charge against Trump.”

The complaint itself charges, “If Representative Raskin was able to perform these official duties during this time, it is reasonable to expect that he should have been able to comply with the Periodic Transaction Report requirements during these times and not frustrate the legitimate ends of congressional oversight by waiting nine months to disclose the sale.”

Bloom Raskin was nominated a month ago by Biden to be on the Federal Reserve, but she has faced opposition from Republicans who suggest her climate change activism actually could threaten the Fed’s independence.

She has claimed that banks need to evaluate their decisions to work with energy companies, and has insisted they should be campaigning for “sustainable” investments.

She has threatened those that do not comply with penalties.

Fox Business explained Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), probed Sarah Bloom Raskin over her connections to Reserve Trust recently. She wanted Bloom Raskin to explain whether she tried to influence a decision in favor of her former company at the Federal Reserve.

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