Trump Heckled by Own Supporters Over Corrupt RINO Endorsement in Nevada

Trump is hemorrhaging support from his base across the nation, not just for his continued push for the vax, but also for his unexplained string of bad candidate endorsement picks. While many have scratched their head at Trump’s choice of pro-trans child candidate Dr. Oz, a worse candidate (if your can believe it) has somehow managed to go completely gone under the radar of the media. Trump’s “pick” for Nevada Governor was a man so hated in the state, that he couldn’t appear in public without getting booed and heckled. Candidate Joe Lombardo is somehow running as a “Republican” even though he is pro-red flag laws, pro-gun control, forced his recruits to be vaccinated, and did NOTHING as Las Vegas Sheriff while his friend Governor Steve Sisolak granted himself “emergency powers” to override people’s constitutional rights. But most people in this country will know Sheriff Joe Lombardo as the man who fumbled, lied, and covered up the murder of 58 people at the Route 91 Las Vegas concert shooting.

Oh yea, whatever happened to that? There were so many plot holes in Lombardo’s story, that the media just stopped reporting on it. You can watch the full length exposé about the shocking amount of government corruption and police ineptness that took place surrounding it here:

Nevertheless, despite being loathed by the public and funded almost entirely by casinos and big businesses that even included a Democrat PAC…Lombardo “won” his race against the more popular America First candidate Joey Gilbert. I say “won” in air quotes, because there is already a lawsuit pending over the completely illegal primary elections that were just held in Nevada.

Poll watchers were refused observation, there was no chain of custody, ballots that were supposed to be secret had people’s parties and precincts on them, and a DMV “glitch” re-registered tens of thousands of voters as “non-partisan” so they couldn’t vote in their respective primaries. You can watch the public meeting where commissioners certified the election and then laughed at people when they got upset here:

Unable to appear openly in public about it, Trump flew to Vegas to stump for Lombardo at an event the corrupt Nevada GOP didn’t release the details in full to until last minute. I already assumed I wouldn’t be getting in, as I caught up with Lombardo last week when he refused to answer my questions about the Las Vegas shooting after he had gotten booed on stage at Trump Jr’s event at Stoney’s. He not only refused to answer any questions on why he didn’t name or investigate the other 3 people registered to Paddock’s room that night, but low key threatened my family before laughing and driving away in a video you can watch here:

Not everyone is as on the corrupt GOO’s radar as me here, so when Nevada’s “Ghost Patriot” got a chance during the event, he shouted to Trump why he was supporting a “dirty cop” in a video you can watch here:

Notice how unusually empty this Trump “rally” is, it’s nothing compared to the standing room only crowd he usually pulls in. It also goes to show how limiting the corrupt GOP was in playing gate keeper to fake support for their RINO candidate. Trump is losing his strongest followers not just in Nevada, but wherever he’s forcing these establishment donkey candidates on people. Some say he’s being paid millions to his own campaign make these endorsements, some say his ego just picked who he knew the establishment was going to let win so he can brag. Either way, without an immediate rescinding of these trash endorsements…Trump will continue to lose favoritism amongst his supporters who are eagerly turning more to Ron DeSantis everyday.
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10 months ago

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Mike Tracy
Mike Tracy
10 months ago

It all looks like Nevada’s government right down to county Commissioners, and the Sherriffs department are just as corrupt and underhanded as California and parts of Colorado. There should be no mail in ballots, no collection boxes.
But it looks like nevada even had crooked voting machines. Anybody caught doing anything fraudulent concerning an election should face serious prison time. Or better yet, a noose.


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