Trump Grants Roger Stone FULL FREEDOM in Executive Clemency Per Court Documents Released Today

As you know a corrupt federal judge asked for clarity on the President’s Clemency of Roger Stone Friday night. Furthermore, the President doesn’t answer to these swamp creatures, but he did anyway on Monday morning by slamming them.

President Donald Trump’s executive clemency to his longtime friend and adviser Roger Stone not only commuted the veteran Republican operative’s prison term but it also spared him a hefty fine and two years of supervised release.

The details of the clemency arrangement were made public by the Justice Department and Stone’s lawyer on Monday after the judge who presided over the case asked the Trump administration to explain whether the commutation announced on Friday meant he would not be supervised, as many convicted felons are after being freed.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson had set a Tuesday deadline to receive a copy of Trump’s clemency order along with an explanation about whether it also commuted the period Stone was meant to be supervised after leaving prison.

Jackson of course is the Judge that Roger Stone informed everyone of Saturday that was using her clerks to try to silence folks on Twitter for pointing out that jurors lied and were out to get Stone. Even having Twitter silence those that were posting said information, it’s unbelievable when you start digging into the corruption of this judge.

“I commute the entirety of the prison sentence imposed upon the said Roger Stone, Jr. to expire immediately,” according to Trump’s order.

“I also commute the entirety of the two-year term of supervised released with all its conditions, and finally, I remit any unpaid balance of the $20,000 fine imposed.”

What are your thoughts this having the balls to ask the President for clarity, like she’s above a pardon or clemency?

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Rob Okray
Rob Okray
2 years ago

What part did you not understand Judge?