Trump Endorses Corrupt Las Vegas Sheriff for Governor

A string of bad endorsements made by Trump lately, leave Patriots wondering if a Trump endorsement even means anything anymore. None were perhaps more notable recently, then Trump’s endorsement for Dr. Oz…who despite running as a Republican was pro-abortion, pro-red flag laws, and pro-trans little children amongst other things.

Now conservatives in Nevada are pissed, as Trump now throws his support for Governor behind the exact same corrupt Sheriff who pushed mandatory vaccines on his recruits, did NOTHING to uphold the Constitution while the current Governor stripped us of all our rights, and blatantly lied to the public to help the FBI cover up the Las Vegas shooting massacre. You read that right….Trump just endorsed the infamously corrupt Sheriff Joe Lombardo who is known more than anything for covering up the deaths of 58 innocent people during the largest mass shooting in America since Waco, Texas.

If you were just wondering “Oh yea, whatever happened with that?” The mainstream media was forced to drop the story after major holes appeared in Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI’s investigation, story, and timeline. Many Metro officers were forced to sign NDA’s about what really happened that night, and the LVPD just this last week lost a $250k dollar lawsuit because they had to be sued by the press to release what ended up being very damning public information. I actually made a full length documentary you can watch below on all the police reports and witness testimony that was covered up and released after the fact that the media refused to report on. You can watch it free on Infowars here: or YouTube here: (although you will have to sign in because YouTube censored it.)

Lombardo is backed by casino money with little support from the people, refuses to debate his opponents, and gets heckled at the few public appearances he does decide to make.

His opposition Joey Gilbert a lawyer and retired boxer on the other hand, has been leading rallies and filling rooms with Patriots who are tired of all the uni-party corruption in Nevada. I don’t know who is whispering in Trump’s ear these days, but whoever is doing in Nevada….is causing Trump to lose his base.

Follow me on GAB and Facebook (as Twitter banned me for life for posting proof of election fraud in Nevada) @AmericanAFMindy and please support me and my fellow America First candidates as we cross party lines to fight the corrupt establishment status quo here in Nevada.

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Steph Susman
Steph Susman
10 months ago

Trump is bringing awareness to the corruption of both Lombardo and Dr Oz since the media refuse to cover it. News is only read by liberals if it’s bashing Trump so maybe this red pilled some of them that didn’t know Dr OZ is for Trans kids? And FBI was involved in LV massacre… “Sunlight kills Vampires”…Trump pushes them into the light.


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