Trump Discusses If He or DeSantis Will Run In 2024, and What Might Happen

During a radio interview last week with Florida radio host Brian Mudd, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump discussed if He or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will run for the White House in 2024 for their party.

The 45th President continued to insist that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won’t run in 2024, but then went on to comment on both the 2024 race and DeSantis’s 2018 gubernatorial victory.

In the past Trump has said that he he and DeSantis both run, he thinks DeSantis will drop out. However, that’s not because he thinks DeSantis lacks talent or would lose, but because avoiding a fight wouldn’t be good for the party.

During the interview with Mudd, Trump commented on the idea of DeSantis running and had this to say:

“I do think if I run, he won’t. I know they try and create a friction. I don’t think it exists at all. It might, you know, you never know. If he wanted to run, that’s OK with me. I think we’d win by a lot. But he’s good. And he’s done a good job as Governor.”

It’s a very perceptive comment as usual from the former President, but also somewhat unclear. It’s obvious that Trump thinks that either he or DeSantis will run in 2024 and will win. It’s hard to argue from folks you talk to on the street that they feel those two are the front runners to take back the White House in 2024. Even die hard RINO’s who can’t stand Trump won’t vote for Biden a second round.

DeSantis, for his part, told Fox that “It’s way down the road. It’s not anything that I’m planning for” when asked about if he’ll run in 2024.

Regardless of who runs, the party need competition, it makes for a stronger base as it did in 2016. Either of these two men would make fine Presidents, and a rock is better than Joe Biden.

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