Trump: Dems Won’t Send Impeachment Because GOP Will Call These 2 Witnesses To Testify

President Trump slammed Democrats and their sham impeachment by taking aim at Nancy Pelosi’s curious decision to sit on the articles approved by the House last week. 

With Pelosi’s Christmas gift to the nation already looking like a monumental strategic blunder, the POTUS piled on by challenging the power-crazed San Franciscan party leader.

In what amounts to calling out the Dems as chicken, Trump took to his weaponized Twitter account to point out that the impeachment party will never go to the trial phase because they know that Republicans will be calling witnesses who they do not want on the stand. 

They include shifty Adam Schiff, Joe and Hunter Biden and the whistleblower whose name is forbidden to be mentioned but rhymes with Cinderella. 

The President is exactly right, that’s why they don’t want this going to the United States Senate. They can no longer control the fake news narrative and cover up.

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