On Friday, Former President Donald Trump shredded the Biden regime in an epic post on his social media site, Truth Social, ripping into all that he sees as going wrong under the failed leadership of Joe Biden.

Trump posted about how badly America is doing under Biden in his typical high energy, unrepentant manner, slamming Biden saying, “The Forgotten Men & Women of our Country are now being forced to endure crooked, rigged, and badly tainted Elections, and Open Borders that allow million & millions of people to “invade” our “Country, totally unchecked, unvetted, and having no idea where they come from or who they are. In other words, our Country is going to HELL! Our Economy is crashing. Inflation is crushing. Crime is raging, we are living with people who we have never seen before, and we have NO Voice. Welcome to America!

People on Twitter were quick to comment on the screenshot of Trump’s post, pointing out how right he was and all the other things going wrong with America that he didn’t mention.

One example said, “He forgot to add that the libs are also trying to force you to let creeps like drag queens spend time with your kids, really rounding out the “Weimar America” vibe.

Another pointed out how disappointing it is that we don’t get to see Trump’s tweets anymore, saying, “Oh how I miss the days of waking up to tweets like this.”

Trump also fired off a message attacking the January 6th Select Committee, which he refers to as the “Unselect Committee,” Friday morning, hammering the ridiculousness of the lies it’s pushing and refuting one of their main talking points saying:

Such LIES & MISREPRESENTATIONS by the Unselects, and absolutely nobody allowed to challenge what is being said. As an example, I never suggest to V.P. Pence to “overturn” the Election (although Thomas Jefferson “took” the Georgia votes), but that he sent the votes back to the various Legislatures so that they could determine if the Irregularities and Fraud were as widespread and significant as they seemed. Time has proven voter fraud to be even more flagrant, the Elections was Rigged & Stolen!

Those post followed similar one from Thursday, in which Trump bashed both the January 6th Committee and the Biden economy.

On the January 6th topic, Trump said:

The Fake News Networks are perpetuating lies, falsehoods, and Russia, Russia, Russia type disinformation (same sick people, here we go again!) by allowing the low rated but nevertheless one sided and slanderous Unselect Committee hearings to go endlessly and aimlessly on (and on and on!) It is a one sided, highly partisan Witch Hunt, the likes of which has never been seen in Congress before. Therefore, I am herby demanding EQUAL TIME to spell out the massive Voter Fraud & Dem Security Breach!

And, on the topic of the Biden economy and stock market, he said:

Wow, Dow just broke 30,000 on the downside. Many thought this could never happen. This “stuff” is not good news. They rode “Trump” up for the first year, now it’s all coming down. Doesn’t have to be this way!

Great stuff from the Greatest President!

We appreciate our friends at Patriot Alerts for content in this article.

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