Trump Becomes First US President in History to Visit North Korea

President Trump broke a new record on Sunday morning, being the first United States President in history to visit North Korea.

Those before President Trump accomplished nothing with North Korea and completely failed to stop their nuclear weapons program. The left swore he’d take us to war.

Now the left’s hair is on fire because he stood in North Korea to work on peace.

Trump derangement syndrome.

“What happened today, I think, is great for South Korea. I think it’s great for North Korea. I think it’s great for the world!”

What are your thoughts on Trump’s historic visit to North Korea?

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S B Lovell
S B Lovell
3 years ago

I AM SO VERY PROUD TO CALL D. J. TRUMP MY PRESIDENT! He basically gave a Big F. U. to the Deep State, Dems, RINOs, Far Left, Mainstream Media, Hollywood Liberals & NeverTrump establishment’s assertions that the Talks with N. Korea have fallen apart. Not only is he the 1st President to step a foot onto North Korean soil, President Trump did it with No Fear & a Lot of Style! Now, as expected, the above listed are screaming because Talks are apparently going great. Fortunately, POTUS’ supporters are proud of him & the rest he could care less –… Read more »