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Trump Ballots Switched to Biden: Maricopa County, Arizona GOP Chair Says at Hearing

The head of the Maricopa County GOP in Arizona dropped bombs at an election fraud hearing on Monday, saying that votes were switched from The President to Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

She said she literally saw the votes being changed from Trump to Biden.

“I observed, with my Democratic partner, the preparation of a new ballot, since the original one was soiled, or wouldn’t go through the tabulators,” said Brickman.

Brickman is a veteran of the voting systems, and has been working for years to help make sure there are honest elections in her county.

“I read her a Trump Republican ballot, and as soon as she entered it into the system, the ballot defaulted on the screen to a Biden Democratic ballot,” said Brickman.

She informed the hearing that others had confirmed to her that they had seen the exact same thing happen.

“I’m here because I think this is our duty, to speak the truth and hear the truth,” said Brickman.

Brickman continued…

“Signature verification standards were constantly being lowered by supervisors in order to move more quickly and process the higher amount of early and mail-in ballots,” said Brickman.

She went on to say that they even did away with validating signatures, which is a violation of the states voter fraud policies.

“From the 15 points of similarities reduced to a minimum of three, lowered to one, and ultimately none.”

This is a developing story.

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David P Mulloy
David P Mulloy
1 month ago

OK…. So How Long till She is Bludgeoned into Retracting Her Statement Or She is Mysteriously Murdered??

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