Trump Backed J.D. Vance’s Win in Ohio Scares the Hell Out of the Establishment RINO’s

J.D. Vance, the Trump backed candidate in Ohio, just won a monumental victory​ for American First and the New Right over the RINOs and their weak-kneed hacks, as Vance dominated the primary and won the fight for the Republican nomination for the Ohio Senate seat, on Tuesday.

According to the vote counters, Vance won about 32.2% of the vote in a crowed race while his closest competitor, the RINO Josh Mandel, only brought in a little over 27% of the vote.

Vance, deciding to move on from the primary squabble to try to unite the right in Ohio against Tim Ryan, the Democrat candidate for the Senate seat said In his victory speech, “Now, the party that we need to unify to fight Tim Ryan, it’s our Republican Party, ladies and gentleman. It is the party of working people all across the state of Ohio, and it needs to fight, and it needs to win. Ladie and gentlemen, Tim Ryan needs to go down. And we’re gong to be the party that does it.”

As he was speaking to his supporters, Vance highlighted the primacy of the America First movement and attacked the media saying, “They wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death of Donald Trump’s America First agenda. It ain’t the death of the America First agenda.”

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, in a statement to Fox News was praising both Trump and Vance saying, “It was Vance’s talent and Trump’s endorsement that were the keys to Vance’s victory on Tuesday night. J.D. Vance put in tremendous work and has immense political talent, which put him in the position to earn the support of President Trump.”

Budowich added, “It was the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump that took a candidate who many insiders said was in fourth and at single digits in the polls, and in only two weeks, propelled him into a commanding first-place finish.”

“The power of President Trump’s endorsement is undeniable, his dominance over the Republican power brokers in D.C. cannot be overstated, and the promise of this MAGA Movement will not just define the Midterms, but it will win for years to come,” Budowich concluded.

Vance’s victory is important to Trump’s cause. First off, it shows how influential and important Trump’s endorsements can be, particularly in primary votes. Even though they might not work sometimes, such as in Georgia where Brian Kemp is still in the lead, Tuesday night all 22 Trump endorsements, one of whom was Vance, won. That’s important, as it shows that Trump is still in charge of the GOP.

It goes even further, showing the victory of the American First agenda. Vance ran a very MAGA platform, wanting the wall built, is anti-abortion, is pro-reindustrialization, and is certainly on the New Right. His policies are pretty much the Trump platform, and he’s the one that won. A big victory for MAGA and showing the Trump agenda is still in control.

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