Trump Approval Number SOARS to 49% in Latest Rasmussen Report Daily Polling

According to the latest Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll, the President is back at 49%, despite everything the mainstream media has thrown at him.

The poll for Friday shows the President with 49% of likely U.S. voters approving of his job performance, while 49% disapprove, an increase of 5% from this time last week.

The latest figures include those who strongly approve of the job he is doing on the job at 37%, with those who strongly disapprove at 42%.

Rasmussen is the only nationally recognized public opinion firm that still tracks the President’s job performance, as Gallup has quit the field.

What are your thoughts on the President’s poll numbers soaring now?

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Joe "KAG 2020" Cool
Joe "KAG 2020" Cool
2 years ago

and those numbers don’t include the SILENT MAJORITY
Not everyone I know supports Trump. Those I know who don’t support Trump are BAT-SH*T CRAZY EVIL toward Trump Supporters. SO…GUESS WHAT? Trump Supporters HAVEN’T QUIT SUPPORTING TRUMP, we’ve just STOPPED ADVERTISING THAT WE DO.
Trump will not only win in November, he will win in an overwhelming LANDSLIDE.