Trump Announces New Unit Inside DOJ

In another move intending to combat illegal immigration, the Trump administration has established a unit within the Justice Department targeting individuals who illegally obtained citizenship status in the United States. 

This new unit will be used to strip the citizenship of foreign-born individuals who failed to disclose past convictions of crimes such as terrorism or war crimes. Other forms of immigration fraud will also be under review by the new section inside the Justice Department’s Office of Immigration Litigation.

Specifically, the Department says they will be focusing individuals who were naturalized “by concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation.”

From Fox News:

When a terrorist or sex offender becomes a U.S. citizen under false pretenses, it is an affront to our system — and it is especially offensive to those who fall victim to these criminals,” Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt said. “The new Denaturalization Section will further the Department’s efforts to pursue those who unlawfully obtained citizenship status and ensure that they are held accountable for their fraudulent conduct.”

Those who are found guilty of immigration fraud will be stripped of their citizenship status and may be subject to deportation or denied future entry into the United States depending on their crimes.

President Trump and Attorney General Barr have made several moves to fight illegal immigration this month. Barr announced ‘sweeping sanctions’ against sanctuary cities, filing multiple lawsuits against them for unconstitutionally violating immigration enforcement. Barr also said the Justice Department plans to undergo unprecedented national reviews of certain attorneys who break the law for illegal immigrants.

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