Trump Administration Rescinds Rule on Foreign Students Staying in America & Studying Online

The Trump administration has rescinded its ruling on foreign students studying in America after it faced 8 federal lawsuits and opposition from hundreds of universities. The rule would have required that international students transfer or leave the country if their schools held class entirely online because of the pandemic.

Federal judge Allison Burroughs in a court hearing Tuesday morning said that federal immigration authorities agreed to pull the July 6 directive and “return to the status quo”

A lawyer representing the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said only that the judge’s characterization was correct.

The Trump administration has been tougher on immigration than any in America’s history. The ruling would not have allowed foreign students to stay in America to take online classes, and would have also stopped additional VISA’s from being issued.

The education institution in America, which are liberal as hell as many of you know fought back hard, 8 federal lawsuits were filed from Harvard, MIT, among others.

Federal officials say they are showing leniency by allowing students to keep their VISA’s even if they study from abroad.

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