Trump Administration Puts Tyrannical Mayor On Notice Over Unlawful Lockdown

Now that the models that greatly overstated the coronavirus death toll have all been proven to be wrong, Democrat politicians persist in keeping their citizens under cruel and punitive lockdowns. 

Even as large portions of the country begin to reopen, power-drunk Dem governors and big city mayors continue to extend their decrees to keep residents under indefinite house arrest – perhaps lasting until after the election. 

With “flatten the curve” now having been morphed into finding a cure for the virus – it may never happen – the Democrats are moving the goalposts in order to intentionally damage the economy and President Trump’s reelection chances. 

One of the worst offenders is Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti whose reign of terror has paralyzed the nation’s second largest city and crippled the economic prospects of the millions of citizens who are helpless pawns in a sick game. 

On Friday, Mayor Garcetti received a letter from the Justice Department putting him on notice that continuing to extend the lockdowns could have legal consequences. 

Via The Hill, “Trump admin sends warning to LA mayor that extended lockdown could be ‘unlawful'”:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti received a letter from the Trump administration on Friday warning extended or “heavy-handed” stay-at-home orders may be illegal.  

“Reports of your recent public statements indicate that you suggested the possibility of long-term lockdown of the residents in the City and County of Los Angeles, regardless of the legal justification for such restrictions,” reads the letter addressed to Garcetti and Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. “Any such approach may be both arbitrary and unlawful.”  

The Los Angeles Times reported that the letter followed confusion over Ferrer saying earlier this month that stay-at-home orders will “with all certainty” be extended for the next few months, prompting many to believe strict measures would remain in place throughout the summer.

The letter which was signed by Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband called into question Garcetti’s recent comments on Good Morning America that LA would “never be completely open” until a COVID-19 cure is found. 

According to the letter:

The Department of Justice does not seek to dictate how cities and counties such as Los Angeles determine what degree of activity and personal interaction should be allowed to protect the safety of their citizens. However, we are charged with protecting the federal statutory and constitutional rights of all persons in our country, and ensuring that governmental restrictions are not unconstitutionally burdensome. Even in times of emergency, when governments may impose reasonable and temporary restrictions, the Constitution and federal statutory law prohibit arbitrary, unreasonable actions. Simply put, there is no pandemic exception to the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Also included on the DOJ’s warning was LA County Health Director Barbara Ferrer who has faced criticism for her lack of any actual qualifications in the medical field that would qualify her for the job. 

You can read more from our friends at Trending Politics.

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