Trump Administration Officially Ends US Relations with World Health Organization

The Trump Administration has finally ended the relationship with the United States and the World Health Organization over what the administration says are favoritism towards China.

The Presiden’t son Eric Trump weighed in on Twitter:

“Hopefully this is a warning to all who seek to rip-off and take advantage of the United States… Great job @realDonaldTrump

The President and his staff have said that the World Health Organization is becoming a “tool of Chinese propaganda”

US President Donald Trump recently announced he would put a hold on America’s funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), accusing the UN health body of becoming “China-centric” during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s not like the WHO has been a highly-credible organization for many years. The United States spends over half a billion dollars on the WHO. China spends about USD 40 million dollars on the WHO, about one-tenth of what the US spends, and yet the WHO has become a tool of Chinese propaganda,” he alleged.

O’Brien said that on January 14, the WHO assured the US that there was no human to human transmission of the COVID-19, that well into the public health crisis in China, that turned out to be utterly false.

In February, the WHO criticized travel restrictions that were being placed on travel from China and other hotspots, not just by the US, but by other countries, he said.

What are your thoughts about the US leaving the WHO?

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