Trump Administration HAMMERS Huawei, Ending CCP’s 5G Master Plan

The Trump Administration went for the throat of the Beijing regime this year with it’s “Clean Network” campaign that knocked Huawei Technologies Co. out of critical telecommunications infrastructures in many countries around the globe.

This was a massive undertaking by the Trump team, which included commitments from governments in more than 50 nations to exclude untrusted vendors from their 5G wireless. networks.

The alliance of countries even included 26 of 27 EU member states, and also included Japan, Israel, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand, and India.

“The U.S. is repeatedly pursuing its allied countries to ban Huawei from developing 5G but most of them have denied doing so,” Huawei stated on its website in February.

The State Department back in April issued a campaign requiring a clean path for al standalone 5G network traffic entering and exiting U.S. diplomatic facilities, as outlined in the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act.

This is a huge step as the administration looks to hammer the Chinese regime.

You can read more from our friends at The Epoch Times.

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