TRIGGERED: Newsweek Says Don Trump Jr. Will Win GOP in 2024

Never Trumper Rick Wilson, who claims to be a “Republican Strategist” Says Don Trump Jr. will be the GOP candidate in 2024.

Wilson who aligns himself with the likes of Joe Walsh, Bill Kristol, and Ben Shapiro is one of the four horsemen of the Anti Trump Pro establishment movement of the GOP.

“There are three 2024 scenarios that Republicans pretend they won’t face, but that represent the further decline and fall of a once-great party of conservative ideas,” Wilson wrote. “First, the clues have been there all along that the real 2024 primary will be between Donald J. Trump, Jr. and everyone else.”

“It’s becoming more obvious by the day,” he said.

No Trump Supporter is going to be sad about this news. In fact, I’m thrilled if this comes to fruition.

Trump Jr. — who’s currently serving as a trustee and executive vice president for the Trump Organization — has been “on the road doing fundraisers and political events for the Republican candidates,” Wilson noted, as a signal that he’s considering a future run for the White House.

“He is fluent in the language of whining, dickish grievance-mongering, which has replaced modern conservatism,” Wilson said. “Whether the GOP wannabe 2024 field knows it or not, it’s DJTJ’s opening shot for the 2024 nomination.”

You can read more of the Anti-Trump rhetoric over at

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2 years ago

Donald Trump Jr. could possibly follow in the footsteps of his father and be a great leader and President. He’s learning from the best. Trump 2024