Transgender Olympian Laurel Hubbard Named “Sportswoman of the Year” By New Zealand University

A man has been named the “Sportswoman of the Year” by a New Zealand University. That’s right, Laurel Hubbard, a transgender male athlete who competes as a woman has won the award.

This is the first time in the 113-year history of the award that it’s been given to someone who’s not biologically a female.

Hubbard identifies as a woman and used to compete in men’s weightlifting before transitioning in 2012 and moving over to women’s weightlifting when the ridiculous thought of it being allowed happened.

The trans weightlifter made headlines when qualifying to compete in women’s weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics by meeting the International Olympic Committee’s requirement for testosterone levels for the event. By the way, the Committee should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this circus to happen.

“I see the Olympic Games as a global celebration of our hopes, ideals and values and I would like to thank the IOC for its commitment to making sport inclusive and accessible,” Hubbard said at the time.

Hubbard was disqualified early on in the games, but received accolades at home from Otago University, which of course went on to name Hubbard the “Sportswoman of the Year.” What a true disgrace this is to women everywhere.

“We could think of no-one more worthy of sportswoman of the year than Laurel Hubbard who represented Otago and New Zealand incredibly well at this year’s Tokyo Olympics,” Otago University Students’ Association president Michaela Waite-Harvey said, according to The Post Millennial.

“It is not possible,” Hubbard said, “for athletes to complete at the Olympic level without the encouragement and aroha of friends, family and supporters. This award belongs to everyone who has been part of my Olympic journey.”

Hubbard also expressed gratitude “for all of the support and kindness received from the teaching staff and students at Otago University.”

What are your thoughts on a man winning “Sportswoman of the Year?”

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11 months ago

You’re supposed to cure the mentally ill, not reward them.