Train Derailment Injures 7 Passengers at Silver Dollar City Amusement Park in Branson, Missouri

Seven people were injured Wednesday evening at Silver Dollar City, an amusement park in Branson, Missouri. The injuries occurred after sections of the train derailed from the track, accord to park officials.

The incident happened about 6 pm local time as the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train was transporting guests on a scenic 20-minute ride through the countryside, interrupted by a theatrical “stick-up” by a band of train robbers, according to the Park’s website. 

The ride is billed as a staple of the park that has been in operation since 1962. It was reported that the train was nearly full with an estimated 150 passengers when the train crashed.

Six guests and one employee suffered injuries and were transported by ambulance to a medical facility, according to a statement from the theme park. The park did not detail the extent of the injuries, but said, “Onsite paramedics provided emergency care until first responders from Stone County arrived.”  Emergency crews were reported saying that the injuries were minor to moderate.

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Gary Eldridge and his family came to Silver Dollar City for the pumpkin festival and were riding in the last car of the train when it derailed, he told CNN.

Eldridge said, “We had just passed the part of the ride where they gave the moonshine skit. We went around the next corner and he car in front of me acted like it hit a bump and started shaking really bad. It derailed and took the cars in front of it with it.” 

Eldridge and his family were fortunately in the last car that didn’t flip and were unharmed, he said.

Investigators with the Division of Fire Safety are investigating the accident. The park has not commented on apossible cause of the accident.

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