Tornado Death Toll Rises to 90 Across Six States as Officials Still Searching for Those Missing

The Tornado death toll surpassed 90 across six states that were hammered last Friday evening, December 10th.

“I don’t think we’ll have seen damage at this scale, ever,” the Kentucky Governor stated.

The number of people reported missing from a candle factory in Mayfield, KY, after the massive and devastating tornado hit has been lowered as the company says most are now accounted for.

Two nursing homes were destroyed in Arkansas with several deaths, as well as sever damages.

Tornadoes tore through parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

The Amazon facility in Edwardsville, IL took a direct him to the building’s 40-foot-high concrete walls to collapse, officials said.

“We don’t expect that anyone could be surviving,” said James Whiteford, the chief of the Edwardsville Fire Department. The chief said that the tornado had come at the time of a shift change and that it was unclear how many people would have been in the building.

The number of dead in Kentucky grew to 74 on Monday, including at least eight at the candle factory that was destroyed in Mayfield. Kentucky officials say there are still 190 people unaccounted for in the state, making this one of the most deadly tornadoes in United States history.

At least six people are dead in Illinois, at least four people are dead in Tennessee, as this story continues to unfold.

We will keep you updated on totals and updates, please pray for these states America.

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