TOP MOMENTS: From President Trump’s Rally in Panama City Beach (VIDEO)

President Trump addressed a massive crowd in Panama City Beach, Florida on Wednesday night.

“Nothing is more dangerous than the Democrats’ crazy immigration agenda. They want everyone in the world to come into our country, disrespect our laws, and collect benefits courtesy of American taxpayers.”

“Of course foreign leaders want Sleepy Joe Biden to be president—they’d love to continue ripping off our country!”

“America’s economy keeps setting new records! Women, Hispanics, and African-Americans are all better off under President Trump.”

“Democrats and Republicans in Congress should immediately pass legislation to protect babies from extreme late-term abortion.”


We are going to stand for LIBERTY.

We are going to stand for JUSTICE.

We are going to stand for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.

We are going to stand for the sacred rights given to us by the hand of ALMIGHTY GOD. “

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