Top House Democrats Subpoena Trump Tax Returns

The Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Richard Neal has issued subpoenas on Friday ordering the IRS to illegally hand over President Trump’s tax records.

Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin told the House panel that he would not turn over the tax records because they “lacked a legitimate legislative purpose.” as the Supreme Court requires.

The Democrats are literally trying to force the Department of Justice, IRS, and others to break federal laws just because they cannot get over an election loss.

Neal is saying that federal law states the IRS “shall furnish” the tax returns of any individual upon the request of the chairman of Congress’ tax -writing committees. He stated that Ways and Means “has never been denied” a request.

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3 years ago

well they have a been denied now, Leave the President alone for god sake get over your damn bitterness and Learn to do your frickin Jobs or get out of the Senate and congress! We the people are Sick Of The sicko Games