Top Biden Official Says Something So Shockingly Stupid Concerning Congress’ Response To Inflation You Have To See It To Believe It

A top official with the Biden administration suggested on Wednesday that the awful new inflation report that just came out is proof that the only proper solution Congress can offer for this mess is to spend more money.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. In order to apply for a job working on President Joe Biden’s team all you need is a pulse. Apparently, they’ve scrubbed all other requirements, including brain activity.

TheBlaze is reporting that the Bureau of Labor Statistics just released their updated consumer price index Wednesday, which shows an unbelievable 9.1 percent year-over-year inflation increase. This figure is way worse than what most experts were expecting.

“Appearing on CNBC to spin the awful CPI report, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese called the report ‘backward-looking’ and claimed ‘it doesn’t reflect what we’ve seen over the last 30 days,’” the report stated.

This knucklehead then spouts what might be the absolute dumbest thing you’re going to hear for the rest of the week, so long as Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t open her mouth for any other purpose than breathing.

Deese claims that the report indicates we need to spend more money.

“I just want to underscore if there’s one thing to take away from this report it’s that there is more urgency now than ever in Congress moving to pass a bill to try to build more domestic semiconductors, to try to bring down the price of those goods,” he went on to say, lowering the intelligence quotient of every individual unfortunate enough to hear his words.

“Although that brings us right back to the circular argument, Brian, that more spending is not what you typically do in the face of high inflation,” Quintanilla stated. “How do we break out of that circle?”

“No, look, I think you have to look at the unique situation that we’re in as an economy and think about how do we build more supply, how do we increase the productive capacity of our economy, so that we actually can supply more goods, bring prices down.” Deese replied. “We know the answer on semiconductors exactly — we need more supply of those goods.”

Deese was making a reference to a bill worth $52 billion that would ultimately help boost up the domestic semiconductor production which would enable American companies to better compete with China.

If you’re a conservative person who has ever considered running for political office but weren’t sure if you had the intelligence to be in such a position, you have no reason to be concerned.

As long as your IQ is above your shoe size, you’d already be smarter than two-thirds of the individuals serving in Congress. You certainly couldn’t do a worse job than the Democrats who are burning everything to the ground.

Chances are, you would probably do much better than they would, and even propose a few commonsense solutions to the problems plaguing our country.

Which, unfortunately, is the reason you likely won’t get elected in the first place. Common sense really isn’t so common anymore.

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Mike Tracy
Mike Tracy
10 months ago

Biden and Son are in bed with ​China. Obama and Hillary are in on it as well. If Congress doesn’t turn completely red to dominate over the 15 Rinos that weaseled their way in, we will all be slaves to China, and Obama, Hillary, Biden and son will be filth rich from selling us out

10 months ago

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