Tom Arnold Shares Hope Hicks’ Cellphone Number After She Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Trump hating Tom Arnold is in the news again, this time for doing something despicable. After she tested positive for the coronavirus, he posted the cellphone of Trump top aide Hope Hicks.

Arnold made the tweet just a couple hours after Hicks tested positive for the virus. He then cowardly deleted it to try to cover up his tracks.

In a since-deleted tweet, Arnold offered fans an opportunity to speak with Hicks directly.

“Silent thoughts & prayers aren’t enough for national treasure Hope Hicks,” the 61-year-old actor wrote. “She needs to hear them.”

Arnold then shared a number he claimed to be “her personal cell.”

The star has been very outspoken in his disdain for Trump and the current administration.

In June, he called for “liberal men” to exercise their Second Amendment rights on unmarked law enforcement in Washington D.C.

You can read more from our friends at Fox News.

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