Tim Allen Says He “Liked” That President Trump “Pissed People Off” and UNLOADS on Government for Wasting Tax Money

Tim Allen has been one of my favorite actors since inception. I even remember watching his old stand up comedy routines with my parents before he became the star of ABC’s blockbuster show Home Improvement. To say he’s one of my favorites would be a drastic understatement.

Another reason that I love him though is his convictions with his beliefs and what he stands for. He’s the real deal, he’s been cancelled for being who he is, and he just keeps punching back and standing tall.

“Once I realized that the last president pissed people off, I kind of liked that. So it was fun to just not say anything. Didn’t join in the lynching crowd,” Allen, who attended the 2017 inauguration, said when talking about Donald Trumpaccording to HuffPost.

On his own politics, Allen bashed the “silent partner” taking half of his money once he got rich, and also noted how he doesn’t like to “preach anything” when it comes to his beliefs.

“I just had this silent partner who took half of my money and never gave me anything for it, and that was the taxes. I’ve never liked taxes. Whoever takes the taxes and never tells me what they do with it, I’m a fiscal conservative person with money,” Allen explained when talking about being taxed so much.

Tim Allen just doesn’t sugar coat things, and that’s what we love about him. You can read his full interview HERE. Tim

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Janet L Pinter
Janet L Pinter
9 months ago

Is he still safe?

Dennis Regan
Dennis Regan
8 months ago

So he says what he thinks. Whoa!! Got to be in the group. Like he says, (then and now) it’s like 30s Germany.