Tijuana Mayors calls for arrest of caravan organizers, cuts funding

From Hannity.com:

The Mayor of Tijuana took his war against the Central American migrant caravan to the next level Friday; saying he was prepared to stop funding the asylum seekers and calling for the arrest of their leading organizers.

Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum was speaking with Fox News when he was asked to comment on the escalating “humanitarian crisis” taking place in his city.

“I’m not going to break public services to solve this problem,” the Tijuana mayor said.

“In those six hours that the border was closed, we lost approximately 129 million pesos,” he said. “That’s not fair. How do you think people from Tijuana feel towards those people who are making problems?”

“Those are the real criminals because they’re dealing with the lives of people,” he added, referencing the organizer’s behind the caravan whom he believes should face criminal charges.

Read the full story at Fox News.

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