Three-Card Monte Kamala Harris Shamefully Blames Climate Change for Kentucky Floods and Deaths (VIDEO)

Politicizing a tragedy for their own gain has been a practice the Democrats have been doing for many years. From using Columbine in 1999 as an excuse to attempt gun control, to literally every “mass” shooting being weaponized against the Second Amendment, and often time within a few days.

Unfortunately, and sadly, there is enough gun violence in our country to allow the left to have plenty of opportunities to politicize a tragedy.  Wouldn’t want them to get out of practice.

The most recent tragedy is being used by Vice President Kamala Harris, and that is the devastating floods in Eastern Kentucky that have caused millions in damage and lives, with 35 lost at this writing. Democrats, never one to miss an opportunity, particularly Harris, has seized on the moment to push another leftist narrative.

The Associated Press (AP) said Vice President Harris called climate change an “immediate’ and “urgent” crisis on Monday as she detailed more than $1 billion in federal spending to respond to disasters such as the deadly flooding inKentucky and wildfires ravaging in her home state of California.

It’s important that we look at the language. Words like “immediate” and “urgent” are used to subliminally drum up fear inthe general public. We all know fear sells. Never mind that it rains, and places flood. What amount of federal dollars would have stopped that front from stalling over Eastern Kentucky and dumping the insane amount of rain that it did?

Notice Harris doesn’t say anything about money going to Eastern Kentucky specifically, rather she cites California wildfires and the flooding with “such as,” which seems to mean she wants to spend money just in case there is a once in a lifetime natural disaster. It was so disgusting to use this disaster as a tool. The left continues to blame climate change for wildfires, even though the vast majority are arson, careless campers, or lightning.

Harris, in her speech at Florida International University on Monday said, “Climate change has become a climate crisis, and a threat has now become a reality.”

Harris cited in her speech about the “Deadly floods have swept through Kentucky and Missouri .” She was referring to the washing away of entire neighborhoods, leaving at least 35 dead, including children. At least two people were killed in a wildfire in Northern California that was among several fires menacing thousands of homes in the Western United States. Hot and gusty weather and lightning storms threatened to boost the danger that the fires will keep growing.

One might ask why is Harris in Florida? Why isn’t she speaking directly to the people of Eastern Kentucky? Probably because this administration knows they aren’t welcome in Eastern Kentucky. The people might be less economically advantaged than most, but it doesn’t mean they are stupid. They know what this shady administration is up to.

Was climate change the reason that Falmouth in Northern Kentucky was 90% under water in March of 1997? Or was it a once in a lifetime weather event that caused a chain of events that resulted in massive flooding across the Ohio River Valley Basin?

Same with Eastern Kentucky. This type of event has not happened in more than a lifetime. Suddenly we have this stalled front and now it’s “climate change” getting the blame. If climate change is that serious of an immediate threat, then all the pork barrel grant projects in the world aren’t going to help.

The billion-dollar grant program announced by Harris doubles spending from last year on programs to defend against extreme weather events across the country.

Can you believe that this administration literally believes it can control the weather. We are humans, our strong suit is adaptation. We have survived ice ages, extreme pollution, extreme cold and extreme heat.

Weather happens, tragedy happens. Sometime the two meet and we have what happened in Eastern Kentucky. The only thing throwing bags of money at weather is going to do is put our country deeper into the economic recession it’s already in. This is going to affect depressed regions like Eastern Kentucky in a profound manner. Poor people suffer the most when the economy is bad, and the people of Eastern Kentucky need real help, not the kind being proposed by Kamala Harris and the Biden administration.

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